About Me and What I’m Doing Here


So, I am experimenting here. I like writing poetry, stories, and politics. That makes this somewhat of a dual blog, one blog for poetry and another for politics. If you wanna talk politics, you can. If you want to avoid it altogether, be my guest, but I would encourage you to do so. Eventually, I will reduce it down to one, poetry/stories or politics, depending on their impact. I hope you enjoy it ❤

Everything below explains why I am talking politics.

“But WHY? WHY MARTY? WHY? I don’t wanna talk about politics…….”

Well, sure, you have every right to not pay attention and go about your daily life. However, I will challenge that apathy, and say that engaging yourself in discussions of politics, religion, and life, makes you better-informed, and even more secure in your own beliefs.

“Ok… but I still don’t know why you would do this? Politics is so divisive nowadays.”

I suppose it would be hard to argue with that. But I would argue that politics is only divisive because we make it so. My real passion is writing fiction. I have a degree in Creative Writing. But I always engage myself in politics, because that affects me; it impacts my daily life. Recently, I wrote a play for a local 24-hour play project. The theme I got was comedy, and so I chose to write a comedy about politics. It can sometimes seem like a bad Sit-Com, right? But art is such a unique way to accomplish something: Civic Engagement. That is my goal here. As we talk more and more about it, we can change our own culture.

“But our culture is just fine. Why change anything?”

IT is most definitely not without flaws, right? I heard someone say once that hate is not the opposite of love. The opposite of love is apathy. Unfortunately, apathy has pervaded our culture, especially in politics. This is a fight. This is a battle. Let’s change the culture of apathy and talk about all the stuff you don’t wanna talk about. Politics is not the enemy, Apathy is.

These are my ideas and opinions. And I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I simply want to push back against this notion that there’s only one right way, or only two sides to a story, or even worse: that none of it matters. At the core of our free society, politics matters. Our vote matters. Sharing our beliefs is about the most American thing I can think of.

I hope you enjoy my blog!

-Marty ❤